ACCA Course Details in India

 Association of Chartered Certified Accountant is a UK based Chartered Accountancy Institute, accepted globally by employers in over 176 Countries. Our dynamic and increasingly digital world needs forward-thinking professionals. Over 200,000 members and 500,000 members worldwide (including India) and for more than 115 Years ACCA students are building the foundation of their careers. If you’re looking to build a global career or looking to work with many ACCA approved employers in India, then this is the career for you. Watch our Video on ACCA Course Details in India (Hindi)  Watch our Video on ACCA Course Details in India (English)  

ACCA Field of work

 ACCA professional works in the area of Accounts and Audit and is a highly sort after professional because of their global prospective and adaptability in the ever changing world. 

Eligibility for the ACCA The Age Advantage: ACCA allows students just cleared their Class 10th exams to commence their journey with ACCA via the Foundation in Accountancy Course there by giving students the opportunity to become a finance professional even before they complete their graduation. Watch our Video on Foundation in Accountancy Course  Giving them the opportunity to work on further value addition courses and work on their skills. 

After Class 12: ACCA requires candidates after 12th to have 65% or above marks in Accounts or Maths and English, along with the requirement of 60% overall. Students from science or arts stream or students unable to meet this criterion can pursue Foundation in Accountancy course mentioned above. Students pursuing after their graduation are not required to meet any such eligibility requirement. 

Return on Investment Cost required to complete ACCA: Students studying the course LIVE with A Team Commerce Academy will end up spending around INR 4.25 Lakh which includes ACCA fees, Books, access to our Learning Management System with LIVE and recorded lectures and mock tests. For students opting for Self-paced course with our recorded lectures may reduce this cost to around 3.5 Lakh. 

Salary within India: Students can expect to earn an average salary of 7 Lakhs once they become ACCA affiliates. Actual figures can be higher or lower depending upon the skill set of the candidate. 

Jobs Availability Within India ACCA have around 55 ACCA approved employers and increasing creating more demand for ACCA qualified professionals than supply (student clearing ACCA). Due to IFRS convergence in India the demand is ever increasing. Watch our video on ACCA Jobs in India  Outside India ACCA is recognized over 175 countries besides India. Employers in countries like Canada, UAE, UK, Singapore, Japan and many European Countries recognize ACCAs along with hardworking and skill full Indians. Watch our video series on ACCA Jobs Abroad–9x6LEg9Wzb__Gx It takes mere months to recover the investment in ACCA course. 

Duration of ACCA Course On an average it takes 2.5 to 3 years to complete ACCA course. However, this ACCA course duration can be reduced by taking exemptions based on already existing qualifications. 

Exemptions BCOM graduates: 4 out of 13 papers reducing the duration to 2 years 3 months CA Intermediate and BCOM: 6 out of 13 papers reducing the duration to 2 Years CMA India: 7 out of 13 papers reducing the duration to 20 months. CPA USA: 8 out of 13 papers reducing the duration to 15 months. CA and CMA India (with 5 years’ experience): 9 out of 13 papers reducing the duration to 10-12 months. 

ACCA Exam and Syllabus ACCA have a total of 13 papers divided into 3 levels. Knowledge Level consisting of 3 papers Skill Level Consisting of 6 papers Professional Level Consisting of 4 papers Exams are Computer Based, requiring 50% to pass a paper. First 4 papers (3 papers on Knowledge level and 1 paper of skill level) are on demand. Meaning they can be booked when the student is ready with his/her preparation. Remaining papers are scheduled quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December every year. Keeping the covid-19 situation in mind, ACCA have arranged for exam from home facility. Watch our video on ACCA remote exams  On demand papers are MCQ based, 5 skill level papers are partly MCQ and partly descriptive and Professional level papers are entirely descriptive. 

Can ACCA practice in India A question frequently asked but is rarely answered. Watch our Video on this topic for clarity  Practical Experience Requirement (PER) To become ACCA member, a student needs to complete all 13 papers along with 3 years of PER to be eligible for ACCA membership. Watch our video on ACCA PER  Conclusion We recommend to start early and complete the qualification as soon as possible to gain Age Advantage over other candidates. Having that said no qualification alone is enough in this competitive world and a candidate needs to focus in skill building. Something our mentors help and guide students to accomplish.

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