CMA USA Course Details in India

The US CMA course or certification is offered by IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) of USA, accepted globally by employers in over 140 Countries.

CMA focuses on Management Accounting and Financial Management aspects of a business. This qualification provides every organisation needs to get a competitive edge.

Over 90,000 members worldwide (including India) and for more than 100 Years the demand for CMA students is only increasing.

If you’re looking to build a global career or looking to work with Multinational Companies in India, then this is the career for you.

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CMA Field of work

CMA professional works in the area of Management Accounting & Financial Planning and is a highly sort after professional because of their global prospective and adaptability in the ever changing world.

Eligibility for the CMA

The Age Advantage: CMA allows students just cleared their Class 12th exams to commence their journey with CMA by giving students the opportunity to become a finance professional even before they complete their graduation.

However, IMA requires the student to submit the proof of graduation (once completed) for CMA certification.

Leaving plenty of time to work on further value addition courses and work on their skills.

Scholarship for students

IMA provides scholarship to students pursuing Graduation or Masters.

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Return on Investment

Cost required to complete CMA

: Students studying the course LIVE with A Team Commerce Academy will end up spending around INR 1.7 Lakh (Approx) which includes CMA fees, Books, access to our Learning Management System with LIVE and recorded lectures and mock tests.

For students opting for Self-paced course with our recorded lectures may reduce this cost to around 1.4 Lakh (Approx.)

Salary within India: Students can expect to earn an average salary of 5 Lakhs once they qualify CMA. Actual figures can be higher or lower depending upon the skill set of the candidate.

Jobs Availability

Within India CMA USA is hired aggressively amongst banking and insurance companies. However, companies (Indian & MNCs) hire CMA USA as well.

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Outside India CMA is recognized over 140 countries besides India. Employers in countries like USA, Canada, UAE, UK, Singapore, Japan and many European Countries recognize CMAs.

It takes mere months to recover the investment in CMA course.

Duration of ACCA Course

On an average it takes 6 to 8 months to complete CMA course.

CMA Exam and Syllabus

CMA have a total of 2 papers and just One levels.

Part A: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Analytics

Part B: Strategic Financial Management

Exams are Computer Based.

  • Each exam part is four hours in length
  • 100 multiple choice questions, followed by two 30-minute essay scenarios
  • Exam administered at Prometric testing facilities across India
  • Three exam testing windows offered each year.
    • January and February
    • May and June
    • September and October.


We recommend to start early and complete the qualification as soon as possible to gain Age Advantage over other candidates.

Having that said no qualification alone is enough in this competitive world and a candidate needs to focus in skill building.

Something our mentors help and guide students to accomplish.

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